Congratulations to guotai fire hydrant boxes and other products passed the national inspection and certification

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[Cathay News] Recently, since the news from the Group's technology research and development center, the voluntary declaration and inspection of fire hydrant boxes and fire extinguisher boxes produced by Cathay Group have all passed the national fixed fire extinguishing system and the quality inspection and inspection center of fire-resistant components. According to GB/T14561-2003 "Fire Hydrant Box", GA139-2009 "Fire Extinguisher Box", NCFE-V449-02: 2018 "Voluntary Product Certification Implementation Rules Fire Extinguishing Equipment Product" standard inspection requirements, all the tested items are qualified.

In July this year, the State Administration of Markets and the Emergency Management Department issued the "Announcement on Cancellation of Compulsory Certification of Some Fire-Performed Products" (No. 36 of 2019), 13 fire-fighting products for fire hoses and sprinkler products. (including some fire alarm products) Cancel the compulsory product certification. After the fire products are converted to voluntary certification, they have been removed from the compulsory certification catalogue and are no longer compulsory certification products. Although Compulsory certification has been cancelled, Cathay Pacific continues to have high quality and strict requirements for its products.

Cathay Group believes that even if it is not in the compulsory product certification catalogue, the fire protection products are fire protection products, and the functions and performance requirements of the products are not changed. The certification market is not a requirement for canceling fire protection products, nor is it a cancellation of fire protection product standards. The product type inspection report is a mandatory fire product qualification. Cathay Group has been committed to the production and sales of fire protection products for more than 20 years and will continue to complete voluntary certifications to provide customers with high standards of fire protection products.

[The following is a list of some certificates]



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