Xiao Huichang, the Guangzhou Chamber of Commerce and Industry Jingtai Chamber of Commerce, visited the Cathay Group

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[Cathay Pacific News] On the afternoon of October 20th, Mr. Xiao Zhuo, the president of the Guangzhou-Baiyun District Federation of Industry and Commerce Jingtai Chamber of Commerce, and the deputy of the People's Congress of the People's Republic of China; Li Xiaoyu, Secretary General of the Economic and Cultural Promotion Association of the Austrian-Hong Kong-Macau-Australia Region visited the Cathay Group and visited Wu Jian, the vice president of the group. Yang Hao, general manager of the Public Utilities Department, and Ni Ni, director of the Technical Management Center, gave a warm reception to the arrival of Mr. Xiao and his party.

At the meeting, Mr. Wu, the vice president of the group, first extended a warm welcome to Mr. Xiao’s arrival. Mr. Wu said that Cathay Group has been developing for 20 years and is an established fire-fighting enterprise. In the development over the years, Cathay Group has gradually formed a diversified development system integrating fire protection, civil air defense, engineering and investment. For a long time, Cathay Group has continuously improved product quality, expanded production scale, enriched product categories, and strived to achieve quantitative production. In recent years, Cathay Pacific has introduced intelligent manufacturing systems and adopted industrial big data application technology to achieve a multiplication of production capacity. It has established an IoT platform to realize comprehensive, remote and centralized monitoring and management of fire protection facilities for key networked units, ensuring key units. Fire Safety. In terms of brand promotion, Cathay Group gradually built a multi-dimensional communication strategy of CCTV, network, and flat coal. At the same time, it carried out a series of brand promotion measures on the layout of outdoor media, which greatly enhanced the brand influence of the group.

After the meeting, President Wu accompanied Xiao Huichang and his party to visit and inspect the Cathay Industrial Park. The team felt the intelligent manufacturing workshop of Cathay Fire Industry 4.0. President Xiao expressed deep admiration for the high-level fire production base built by Cathay Pacific, and praised the achievements of Cathay Pacific's scientific research capabilities and talent team construction. He hoped that through this inspection, Guotai and Guangzhou Jingtai Chamber of Commerce and economy will be further enhanced. The understanding and exchange of the Cultural Promotion Association will lay a good foundation for future cooperation.


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