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Fire resistance steel door

It meets the requirements of national standard GB12955-2008 for stability, integrity and heat insulation. There are single fan, double fan (mother-child type), multi-fan and door fan with fire-proof glass, with shell and other types. It is widely used in various industrial buildings, residential buildings, basements, information archives, hotels, libraries, fire zoning, fire access, important facilities, rooms, pipe wells and other places.

Fire interface

The two pairs of clasps are connected with the inner chute, so that the water belt is connected with hydrant and fire water gun, and is used as a gateway for transporting fire extinguishing agents (water and foam) to extinguish fire. It has the advantages of high strength, corrosion resistance and easy use.

Fireproof access

The door frame is rolled into streamline by high-quality cold-rolled steel plate die. The door fan, frame and door panel are made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate. The surface is treated by acid pickling, phosphating and anticorrosive treatment, and is sprayed with electrostatic powder. The color is bright and the adhesion is strong. Door surface can be pressed according to the user's needs, and made into a variety of color wood panels, beautiful, natural, elegant and chic.

Fire retardant coatings

The GT-2 type indoor ultra-thin steel structure fire retardant coating is made up of resin film forming agent, catalyst, foaming agent, carbonizing agent and filler auxiliary agent. It has the advantages of thin coating, strong adhesion, good weathering resistance and convenient construction. It can be used for anticorrosive decoration on the surface of steel structure, and the coating will expand rapidly when it is heated, so as to form a compact and compact carbon insulation layer. The purpose of protecting steel structure.

Fire-resisting window

Refractory integrity, fire resistance and heat insulation meet the requirements of national standard GB16809-2008. It has the functions of lighting, isolation and preventing fire spread. It can be divided into steel, wood doors, Steel-wood composite, fixed, movable and so on.

Fire hose reel

Generally, it is set in the box with fire hydrant box, which has small volume, beautiful appearance and flexible rotation. It can rotate 360 degrees in three-dimensional space. It is convenient and fast to use. It is widely used in hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, office places and civil residences.

Fireproof glass

It is composed of two or more layers of glass and filled with organic fire-proof composite material to meet the requirements of the corresponding fire-resistant grade of special glass. In addition to good fire and heat insulation, it also has the advantages of high transmittance, aging resistance, non-toxic and harmless.

Fire hose

A hose for transporting high pressure water or foam and other flame-retardant liquids. Products are widely used in fire fighting, water supply or other liquid transportation. Fire hydrant, fire truck, fire pump supporting products; is the hotel, office building, airport, station, warehouse and other places necessary fire equipment.

Fireproof rolling shutter door

Steel composite fire-proof roll curtain, inorganic composite fire-proof roll curtain, inorganic super fire-proof roll curtain, door fire-proof roll curtain in curtain, lateral fire-proof roll curtain.

Fire Extinguisher

The fire extinguisher can be divided into hand-held and trolley type according to its mobile mode. The fire extinguishing agent can be divided into foam, dry powder, carbon dioxide, water and so on.

Fire-proof wooden door

It meets the requirements of national standard GB12955-2008 for stability, integrity and heat insulation. According to the fire resistance, it can be divided into: Class A (> 1.5h), Class B (> 1.0h), Class C (> 0.5h). There are many types, such as single-fan, double-fan (parent), multi-fan and door-fan with fire-proof glass, shell and so on. It has the characteristics of light weight, beautiful appearance and matching with engineering decoration, and is widely used.

Gas fire extinguishing system

Sevofluoropropane in gas fire extinguishing system is a new, efficient and non-toxic fire extinguishing agent. It has good fire extinguishing efficiency, fast fire extinguishing speed and good effect. The spraying time of heptafluoropropane fire extinguishing agent is less than 10 seconds, which greatly reduces the damage degree of equipment in fire. Fire extinguishing operation is simple and reliable: automatic, manual and mechanical start-up mode ensures fire extinguishing under any circumstances.

Fire extinguisher box

According to the requirements of different occasions, it can be divided into flip-over type, wall-hanging type, open-door type and open-door type. All steel, aluminium glass doors, etc., beautiful appearance, easy to use, durable.

Water system fire extinguishing equipment

Water fire extinguishing system is widely used in various civil and industrial buildings. Peroxides, such as potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, etc. These substances undergo intense chemical reactions when exposed to water, and at the same time emit heat and produce oxygen to intensify combustion.

Fire hydrant box

The box body is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate. The surface is electrostatic sprayed with plastic. It is smooth and beautiful, and has strong adhesion. It improves the weather performance of corrosion resistance and wear resistance. Products are divided into single bolt, double bolt, self-rescue, combination, open, concealed and non-standard, stainless steel luxury, etc., to meet the needs of various users.

Fire alarm equipment

Fire alarm controller (linkage type), automatic fire alarm linkage control equipment (cabinet type), automatic fire alarm linkage control equipment (piano table type), explosion-proof fire button, explosion-proof temperature-sensitive fire detector.

Fire Hydrant

The structure is reasonable and the shape is beautiful. Corrosion resistance, good sealing performance, easy to use. It can be divided into general type, decompression stable type and rotary type.

Sprinkler fire extinguishing equipment

Fire sprinkler products exclusively use 304 stainless steel splashing plate to ensure that never rust. Automatic sprinkler fire extinguishing products - high altitude intelligent water cannon, signal butterfly valve, wet alarm valve, water flow indication, automatic fire extinguisher, intelligent fire alarm, etc.

Fire Water Gun

It is made of high quality aluminium alloy by die casting. Its surface is treated with anticorrosion. It has high strength, corrosion resistance, fast and convenient connection, and is safe and reliable.

Foam fire extinguishing equipment

Foam fire-extinguishing agents such as foam gun, foam gun and foam head, water film foam extinguishing agent (3% -6%), water-soluble membrane foam extinguishing agent (3% -6%), fluorin foam extinguishing agent (3% -6%), Foam extinguishing agent.

Fire Fighting Equipment Products

Fire rescue equipment, firefighter equipment, fire protection clothing and other products have passed the National Fire Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center.

Fire emergency lighting

Storage fire safety sign, fire emergency lighting, fire emergency sign light

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Civil air defense shares

Guo Tai Ventilation is a designated manufacturer of civil air defense equipment approved by the National Defense Office. It is a well-known enterprise in the domestic industry and a member of Jiangsu Civil Air Defense Association.

The company adheres to the concept of "people-oriented" and the development concept of "professionally forging quality, integrity and brilliant achievements", adheres to the purpose of "dedication, truth-seeking, innovation and integrity", and always adheres to the principle of "standardization, quality, harmony and development".

Guo Tai Ventilation staff, modest learning, enterprising, to "quality first, honest service, strengthen management, excellence!" The company's business philosophy and working attitude, dedicated to providing users with satisfactory products and services, for the construction and development of the national civil air defense cause to make due contributions.

guo tai investment

Guo Tai Fund

Guo Tai Fund is a non-profit, non-public fund company approved by the board of directors of the Group. Guo Tai Foundation is based on the principles of standardization, transparency, focus and persistence. It applies Guo Tai's rich experience in business management and high efficiency to the development of public welfare projects. It adopts a result-oriented management model and pays attention to the monitoring, evaluation and feedback of project operation. Guo Tai Foundation encourages and organizes volunteers, Guo Tai employees, distributors, partners and community groups to participate in public welfare projects. Non-salaried volunteers complete the operation and project implementation of the fund company. In terms of children's education, health, disaster relief, poverty alleviation and environmental protection, China has established close cooperation with more than 50 public welfare organizations. Since its establishment, the fund company has contributed tens of millions of yuan to various public welfare projects.

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